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What you need to Know About Catacombs

It is always exciting to travel to a new yet exciting place. You will realize that catacombs is one such mysterious place. Some of its tunnels have been around for over a century now. A few of these tunnels are relatively creepy to visit. If you are traveling to Paris, this is something you certainly need not to miss. A few of the most interesting facts will every so often consist of the following.

Catacombs do hold the remains of many dead Parisians. These remains range over six million. You will note that Paris was running out of space to keep their dead in the 18th century. There were so many bodies that the cemeteries could hardly be enough. You will also learn that flooding was a problem. These floods would every now and then lead to the floating of dead bodies from these cemeteries on water. It was therefore necessary to transport all the remains to these underground quarries. These catacombs were also utilized by all warring groups during world war 2. This is due to the fact that they were good places to hide. It is for this reason that the French Resistance as well as the Nazis took advantage of them. You will learn that a good number of the bunkers that were built by the Germans as at that time do exist up to now.

These catacombs are actually quite big. Do not be surprised by the size as well as the scope of these tunnels. You will note that these tunnels were built by miners way before the city opted to use them to store dead bodies. You will learn that there are at least 200 miles of these tunnels. Various secret communities do live in these tunnels. Such people will often refer to themselves as cataphiles. These groups are often quite tightly knit. These people feature lots of respect for both the tunnel and the dead. It is evident that so many people swim in these catacombs. You will find that these catacombs feature unmapped pools of water. Such water is quite dark and foreboding. So many people that love adventure will often try this out.

You will also learn of the bones that are decoratively displayed in here. Such a display is often hauntingly beautiful. You will also realize that there are farmers who used to grow mushrooms in here. This ended up being one of the most successful; industries. In fact, you will realize that there are a few farmers that are still carrying out these activities up to date. You will note that these mushrooms will every so often rely on bones for their fertilization. These catacombs are an amazing place.


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